DixT Wrote:
Jan 20, 2013 2:10 AM
VERY QUIETLY yesterday, Pres. Obama signed Bill #HR 347, by Executive Order. Chipping away at the 1st Amendment!The Bill states that citizens CANNOT "protest" ANYWHERE in which the Secret Service are present! The Bill also states it will be a "FELONY CONVICTION" to do so! Of course, this also means NO MORE "protests" in the U.S. when the G8 Summit takes place here! And since the Secret Service goes everywhere with the President, that means NO MORE "protest" anywhere that the President is!Stop and think CLEARLY: that means that if the President wanted to, he could SEND his Secret Service to any state which he "hears" will be holding a rally---like the "pro-gun rallies" held in many states today, which were known about for a week or more!The