Robyn51 Wrote:
Jan 19, 2013 12:30 PM
The Templeton Foundation has no credibility? According to WHOM, exactly? HuffPo? Media Matters? Funny, PBS takes plenty of money from them... I don't consider "little lefties", like yourself, to be "evil", as much as I do self-serving, frustrated little hedonists, looking for the free handouts and perfectly happy with your online porn and Mom's basement. You are lazy, have no sense of personal responsibility, and show a penchant for child-like temper tantrums. Above all, you are ignorant and very happy to BE so. Educating yourself is far too much like work, so you remain stupid and seek out others like yourself. Your "leadership", otoh, IS evil and they are perfectly happy to feed you as long as they must in order to achieve their goals.