messcatzoe Wrote:
Jan 19, 2013 7:16 AM
Ditto on stopping Ovomit and that donkey butt wife's extravagance along with ending funding for all the unncecessary czars and moochelle's 22 handmaidens. Limit the use of Air Force One which has been used as if it's a commercial plane! THEN they can cut their OWN overpaid salaries and golden insurance benefit packages, cut salaries for all the parasitic government employees by even 3% and freeze it for 4 years with the exception of our military members. That would be a nice start toward spending cuts. If the Tyrant and First Viper want a 4 million dollar Hawaiian vacation, let them pay for it. They spent 1.4 billion on extravagant vaca's the first term - unacceptable! No more tax dollars to the UN or muslim brotherhood-run nations.