Ranchman Wrote:
Jan 19, 2013 5:08 AM
Who will take care of the poor? In a word (or two), they will. It's called incentive. This is the problem in America today, the government plays on our sympathies,using guilt to create an ever bigger government. By "taking care" of the poor over many generations, we have enabled them to stay on the welfare roles. They need counseling and possibly training, but not 3 or 4 generations of food stamps, free money & housing, etc. They need to become productive, for their own good and ours. Does this mean we should not help out our fellow man when they legitimately need help for a time? Don't even try to go there, it's a typical tactic of the Left; "The Right doesn't care about (insert favorite cause here). More guilt, more insults. Get over it.