Kenneth L. Wrote:
Jan 18, 2013 2:47 PM
Allison Fancy Feast Wrote: "I have never seen something so repugnant and its another nail in the NRA's coffin. They were discussing it on the View and I've NEVER seen Whoopi Goldberg that angry. She was really p-ssed off that they had the nerve to call Obama an elitist." This reminds me of Valerie Jarrett saying, after Barack Obama was President of the United States, "We speak truth to power." How is it that somebody who graduated from Columbia and Harvard Law, who is President of the U.S., is disqualified from being elitist? I assume it's because of his skin color (you know, sort of like Whoopie's, but lighter). How these people miss the good old days when they had a war to fight against real racism!