gyrene74 Wrote:
Jan 17, 2013 4:11 PM
Add to that, the negative education that our children get at some of the "schools" they attend is a very big influence. More so than the "book" learning that they are supposed to be getting. It's so easy to "bond" with those at school, especially without a decent home life. The local sheriff stated on TV that those kids getting into trouble usually wind up in his office at around 12, or 13 years of age. When he asks them where they see themselves by age 18, the most prominent answer they give is, "In Jail, or Dead". That isn't much incentive to try to live a decent life. The district attorney gave a talk to our Parish Council, and other leaders of the community. He stated that our murder rate rose from 40 to 45 pre-Katrina, to 90 to 95