muhl Wrote:
Jan 17, 2013 2:49 PM
"Killing" is not the problem. I can KILL an intruder and be well within my rights to do so. But "killing" an innocent baby, born OR unborn, is without a doubt PREMEDITATED MURDER. Premeditated Murder, classified as "Murder One" in most states, qualifies for the Death Penalty in many states. I am an advocate of the Death Penalty for "Murder One". For me, the deliberate "killing" of ANY *INNOCENT* **IS** "Murder One". Abortion is planned, scheduled, performed, and swept away without consequence. Pardon me for living, but I firmly believe that ANYTHING planned and scheduled fits under the emblem of "Premeditation", INCLUDING "abortion", which is a mere euphemism for the MURDER of an INNOCENT PERSON!