brs Wrote:
Jan 17, 2013 12:35 PM
I live inNJ and did not vote for Chritie in the primary, but gladly pulled the handle for him in the general election... after all it's the state that elected Corzine AND McGreevey. Guns are all but banned in NJ anyways, feel like taking an evening stroll in Camden... really, it's safe, we have the stricitst gun laws in the land. Would i vote for Christie in a National primary, nope. In a general election versus the best the DNC has to offer, you bet.More NJ beating, NJ is last in return Fed tax dollars relative to contribution. Yet we continue to send Lauenberg (most anti-gun guy out there) and Menendez (Corzine appointment) back to the Senate. NJ deserves everything it gets and we will join the exodus when the underwater mortgage allows