christiancon Wrote:
Jan 17, 2013 11:26 AM
Listen - truth does not need sugarcoating. If the American people are believing lies we need to tell the truth more forcefully. The left loves RINOS-Why? Because they shift left more and more and become less and less tethered to the truth. The conventional wisdom is "Look at the polls Marge!!! We gotta appeal to the people and move toward a different message" Wrong on all counts. Lets see - weve run McCain and Romney in two elections against the marxist- we need a conservative unabashed. Reaganesque. We need promote men like John Lott and state the facts and figures OVER AND OVER. Explain what an assault rifle is and isnt- IT ISNT THE AR 15 or the BUSHMASTER- those LOOK LIKE ASSAULT RIFLES They ARE NOT ASSAULT RIFLES. The people need more .