Resist, We Much!!! Wrote:
Jan 17, 2013 10:22 AM
Allidunce wrote: "Sorry, but gun nuts have NO FACTS on their side...just delusions" Isn’t is ironic that the HOMICIDE RATE IS AT THE LOWEST IT HAS BEEN SINCE THE 1960s and (and maybe since 1909 if you use Census & state data) 49 states now have CCW laws enabling citizens to carry the means to protect themselves (soon all 50 will given Illinois’ law has been held unconstitutional by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals) and, yet, the AWB a/k/a The Prohibition On Certain Guns With Cosmetic Changes That Make Them Look Skeery And Are Painted Skeery (And Racist!) Black Act EXPIRED EIGHT YEARS AGO? Remember the “holocaust” that Dianne Feinstein predicted would occur if the expiration of the AWB was allowed to happen? Yeah, me neither.