muhl Wrote:
Jan 16, 2013 4:47 PM
It is truly a pity that you feel this way, and ONLY because of the fouled laws that defy our rights as defined in the "Bill Of Rights". Firstly, she was probably licensed. That ALONE is a violation of what I see in the "Bill Of Rights". The way I see it, registration of any firearm is a violation of the "Bill Of Rights" and should be challenged. Secondly, had she been required to protect herself by firing the weapon, it would have been "confiscated for forensic evidence", during which time she would be TOTALLY DEFENSELESS!!!! Now, presuming her to be a law-abiding citizen, she would most likely turn in her ONLY defense for forensic analysis. LEGALLY, she is defenseless until her weapon is returned to her. Where is the justice in THIS?!