Jeff2410 Wrote:
Jan 16, 2013 9:08 AM
I cringe whenever smart men like Mr. Goldberg refer to socialists as 'liberals'. I know. I know. The meaning of the word has changed to the pejorative that it is now but there never was a proper word to replace liberal. To call ourselves 'classical liberals' just doesn't do it. I hate to sound like a, well, current 'liberal' but we need to take that word back. Mr Goldberg, Mr Will, Mr Krauthammer, myself and I dare say, most of you are LIBERALS. We care about liberty of the individual over the aggrandizement of the state or group. Mr. Obama, Mr. Reid, Mrs. Pelosi disagree. Until conservatives accomplish step one and properly define themselves, they won't be able to move on solving important problems that we currently face.