Marine's Dad Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 8:08 PM
Frank98 Wrote: 4 minutes ago (7:58 PM) Fox pushes so many leftists on their programming it's downright sickening. If Fox was that conservative, they would not have so many leftists on some of the shows.Their fair and balance cr ap is just that, cr ap. One thing about leftists MSM, there is nothing balanced about them.. They know who they are, they don't straddle fences like Fox. So are we to take it that you don't like it when Fox allows people on the left to give their point of view so that BOTH sides of an issue can be discussed? You prefer that it would be like on MSDNC where only ONE SIDE, namely THE LEFT'S point of view is discussed? Do yourself a favor and go drink a bottle of Drano.