Mick135 Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 7:54 PM
This woman who "trimmed his ears" had been introduced to armed self-defense only once befor in her life-- for anyone who chooses to criticize her marksmanship. I'm glad she hit him, stopped him, and that there were no friends to back him up. Handguns are a convenient means of self-defense, but no person sho has been in battle would choose any handgun first over a rifle, carbine or shotgun. They, however, are unwieldy in close confines. Thus, the standard-capacity pistol. I say "standard" because that is what mosern firearms are designed for when full-sized; 15-19 rounds of 9mm, 12-17 of .40 cal, and 10-15 of .45. This reduces the number of times the person defending himself/herself has to reload. Ask any police officer who carries