pollycommentator Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 5:53 PM
"The money needs to go to black male argument violence," she continues. "Anything else … you're dealing with the margins of the problem, statistically, and it's not right." The above statement is from Jill Levoy founder of the long running "Homicide Report" a former crime reporter for the LA Times and A Liberal. The Homicide report is a regular feature of the LA Times, originally started by Jill Levoy, years ago, and it lists the Race of the murder victims throughout LA County. It is well respected for it's data Now a senior reporter at the L.A. Times, Jill Leovy started The Homicide Report in 2007 after noticing the huge disparity in the way murders were covered by the news media. The sensational stories, mostly the outliers and anomal