muhl Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 3:02 PM
OK, this is the most rediculous argument I've seen so far in the defense of this woman firing a firearm defending her home. What I find DEFENSELESS is her training. She had SIX SHOTS!!!! Her training was FAR too lenient. Had she been trained PROPERLY, the FIRST shot SHOULD have been FATAL. Home invasion really MUST be a CAPITAL OFFENSE, obliging the defender to the ONLY plea in the courtroom, "Guilty Of Manslaughter By Self-Defense", which, in many states would release the defender on the reduced charge of "Firing A Weapon In The City Limits", which I consider to be a rediculous charge on its face. What, I get convicted of firing a weapon in self-defense? Yeah, what a strange legal system that allows ANY prosecution against self-defense.