Dan 292 Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 12:12 PM
Christ told His disciples, "Lazarus is sleeping." He finally told them, "Lazarus is dead." But, He raised him up. Solomon said, "The living know they will die, but the dead know nothing." (Eccl 9) St. Paul states that all (ALL) who sleep in Jesus will rise first and we who are alive at His coming (Parusia) will meet them in the air. He then reiterates the idea in his brief treatise on the resurrection (1 Cor 15:12-23). The scriptures are clear. These Moms and Dads will see their little ones again. Remain faithful, holding onto the "Blessed Hope" - Christ, the firstfruits, then they which are Christ's, at His coming (Parusia)! The Resurrection is a great thing to look forward to!