USMCBiker Wrote:
Jan 15, 2013 10:43 AM
I can't believe how uneducated Byron seems to be. The increased cost of Tricare and closing Military commissaries (grocery stores) would have a tremendous negative impact on young military families. An E-3 or E-4 with a couple kids doesn't have any disposable income especially if you are stationed in CA. Dropping additional costs on these folks is unbearable. That's not even to get into the discussion of continuing the service of the F/A-18 and the Harrier which the F-35 is supposed to replace. The F/A-18 was first brought into service in 1982. It is hopelessly outdated and most of the airframes are past end-of-life. The Marine Corps is buying spare parts for the Harrier (which is even older) from Britain to keep them flying.