Jeff658 Wrote:
Jan 14, 2013 9:07 AM
GAWD.......and I thought Wesley (the Quack) Clark was the the most ignorant "General" I'd ever seen!! Makes me kind of afraid how high these nincompoops were able to rise in the military. Oh well, you know, with the gay thing and all, the US military must not only be an EOE, It must also be an 'Equal Opportunity Promoter'. Maybe Clark and Powell can take their act to know they'd enjoy success......they're already held in high regards in Lala Land for their 'intelligent' stances (anything anti-right, lol). Awards SHALL follow!!! Hmmmm... maybe Powell a Peace Prize for his great work on race-relations (lol). All you gotta do is call whitey racist and soon you'll have a trophy (Nobel) on your fireplace mantel.