Galenical Wrote:
Jan 13, 2013 10:23 AM
@Repnextdoor in response to alphonsejones at 9:00 am You really need to think about things before penning a comment. Are you asserting that only people of modest means are capable of rampage murder? You are aware that the killer in CT lived in a pretty upscale home, yes? Do you assert that only the wealthy should be allowed a self defense firearm (be able to afford ammo)? That only the wealthy can be responsible? You need to rethink what you wrote. Rampage murderers are usually young, white, crazy, and middle class. Pricing the person of modest means out of the market would accomplish just what? Let's assume you are correct regarding pricing. How high would ammo have to go to prevent a madman from rampaging? $5, $50, $500 per round?