Snarkasterous1 Wrote:
Jan 13, 2013 9:16 AM
As a real conservative (as opposed to your farcical self-description, and your made-up conservative "friends" - much like the made-up "girlfriend" in Obozo's endless fascination with his own affirmative-action-enabled story) I find both of your statements utterly laughable. 1) There is NO DOUBT that the Founding Fathers, if voting today would vote for the conservative. 2) In the Founding Father era "they were most certainly NOT prone to hanging 'black folk.'" It took the democrat party, after fighting to sustain slavery, and after creating Jim Crow, and after forming and fostering the KKK, to do that, a century and a half later or so. You, sir, are a libbie shill, and a ponce. I banish you from my thoughts. - Snark