jeaja Wrote:
Jan 12, 2013 12:30 AM
It was a DEMOCRAT who actually ADMITTED that less than 200 of the almost 10,000 guns used each year to murder someone were "assault" weapons. And that's WITH more than 22,000 existing gun contrrol laws which clearly CANNOT work. And even IF they could work 100%, that would reduce gun deaths a mere 2%. Which of them do shooters who used assault weapons actually OBEY? If there were NO gun control laws, is it even possible that there would be FEWER gun deaths by ALL guns? Wouldn't it be more effective to REPEAL all those gun control laws and replace them with 22,000 liberal control laws? I'd sure feel safer is the Piers Morgan's of the world were all locked up in Alcatraz rather than be allowed to continue to publicly blab their mouths ab