Sandy506 Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 11:52 AM
Ben Shapiro is a very sharp, young man. I have read a lot and have been impressed with him long before this impressive interview with an empty bully like PeePeePiers. He repeats idiot statements like, why are you smiling or interupts when good points are being verbalized with "answer my question! Why aren't you answering my question!" This is done because Piers read a script once and adopted this method b/c he has no substance...his head is empty. The only point I would have made than Shapiro did not make is that Piers pretended to be insulted by the comment about dancing on the graves. I am as are a lot of people insulted that Piers IS DANCING ON THE GRAVES OF THESE BABIES for increases in viewers. I am quite ashamed by our media.