ColoGuy303 Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 11:48 AM
So you would rather go back to when women and blacks couldn't vote? Or maybe not that far...when all the whites went running scared to the burbs and lived in cookie cutter homes to escape the inner city? Our nation has always had faults, but it is the people who are strong and stick with it to make it better that progress it. If you are sickened by it kill yourself or move out. Me I am not happy with it, but I will educate myself and do work in our community that matters. I will work with inner city people to empower them and do anything I can to help. No matter if I reach 1 or a million I will work to help, not just blab how I am sickened. Well I am sickened by your old generation who thinks it was better in "their day".