Richard_B Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 8:41 AM
The Medicaid patient and the Pain Clinic win while the federal taxpayer pays them. The Medicaid patient can make about $9600 and month selling his or her morphine but they often collect other forms of welfare in addiction. I met one man who is prescribed four 100mg plus three 60mg morphine per day. He does have real pain but only needs 200mg/day to control it. Thus he has $320/day income from what he can sell. Due to the high level of illegal drug usage the legal system is twice as big and the local taxes pay for it. When the cops succeed in getting a drug dealer sent to prison, the tax payers again get to foot the cost. Around $3000/month to keep him or her locked up. Since most drug dealers are also users, they go to rehab once they get