Floyd35 Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 8:17 AM
If Clemens was black they would drop the issue like a hot potato. You see they are scared of the NAACP but not you and me. And yes that lady was indeed a pretty girl. Those spineless jerks can just go take a hike. And double yes...we need to put Christ and God back in school....they are not taboo...only Satan is taboo! And triple yes black folks are racist and prejudiced or they would not vote 95 % for the black candidate and for the Dumb-o-crats year after year. Their votes are for sale to the highest bidder. And quadrouple yes....BHO bought the election. You got to be blind and stupid not to know that. Have a nice day guys and don't look at that pretty girl or listen to the truth....it is forbidden!