Johnnydollar$2 Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 1:13 AM
Quite Right. All one needed to do was LOOK at His Democrat -Bankrupted IL and vote accordingly. Sad stats in the news this past year in Obama's IL. *857,000 households on food stamps, 800,000 residents fled the last 8 years, 43 Billion dollar Annual State Deficit, 96-100 Billion in Unfunded-Union Pension costs, Worst Credit rating State in the USA. Worst job growth State. 4-6 Billion in unpaid Bills, One third of all State Costs are now Medicaid spending. But Fast Trains to nowhere, Windmills and Gay nuptials will fix us? It's enough to make a resident *still here, put a bullet in their heads, but those will be outlawed soon too. For more stories on IL? see forthegoodofillinois dot org.