jjames810 Wrote:
Jan 11, 2013 1:12 AM
even better ? what the hell is a high capacity clip??? The biggest clip I have ever seen or even heard about is a 10 round sks clip. They don't come in any other size then a 10 rounder as far I'm aware. Oh wait we talking gun grabbing liberals who dont know a clip from mag or the difrance between full auto from semi auto. and any gun that is black is an assault weapon to them. even tho assault weapons have been federally outlawed along with sawed off shot guns in the 1930's Even tho the gun grabbers try to make it out like you can buy em in any corner store or vending machine. ya know right next to the mortars bazookas and hand grenades. These retards also go around calling a .223 round a large caliber and High powered lol