Maire Wrote:
Jan 10, 2013 1:23 PM
"My great regret is the Old Man is not here tonight so I could tell him my thoughts on his old tormenters, the jackals in the press. In the words of Nick Carraway to Gatsby: "They were a rotten crowd, sir. You're worth more than the whole damn bunch put together." It's the same biased, liberal Media who helped elect and re-elect the Ameri-ca-hating-and-destroying Barack Hussein Obama. And Al-Gore-zeera is aiding and abetting the enemy today. His thirty pieces of silver, however, are 100 Million Petrodollars from the Emir of Qatar for Current TV Network in traitorous service to Al-Jazeera America. Gore had previously refused to sell Current TV to conservative Glenn Beck because Beck, unlike Al Jazeera, is not aligned with his Point of View.