Robyn51 Wrote:
Jan 10, 2013 9:40 AM
LOL! Are you part of that "zombie apocalypse" I have heard so much about? I don't blame you. Really. The education system has done so much damage to generations of Americans- indoctrination, no teaching of critical thinking skills- but if you are now an adult, there is nothing to stop you from learning on your own. You can do it! Start here: leftist drones and trolls are stupid as a bag of rocks. People like you are greedy, envious, dirty little losers- and your leadership KNOWS this. You convince them that they are right, that you CAN'T think for yourself, can't make your own way, or raise your children without being told HOW by them. But YOU can change this. Pick up something that ISN'T a handout from "occupy".