Truthwalker Wrote:
Jan 09, 2013 2:16 PM
Ladies and Gents.... coming soon the US of A... King Barack Obama! He now threatens and fully j tends to use executive order to implement Gun Control! Listen to this old man. As a VET, as the brother of three VETS, as a father of a VET and father of a soldier in the US Army.... I BEG you to call your Senator and Representive and insist they stand against Obama's latest presidential power grab. I called both. My Senator is Zaxby Chambliss of GA. I left a voice mail pleading with him to stop Obama and the left wing idealogues! My Congressman is a Democrat with a great rating from the NRA. I told his office I expect vocal opposition to Obama's Executive Order. Once our guns are regulated its just a matter of time until they are seized.