wrecla Wrote:
Jan 09, 2013 11:17 AM
So, it is OK to use the 1st Amendment to publicly humiliate (hurt) another person? He now feels the need to dismantle (at least parts) of OUR 2nd Amendment. America was a MUCH BETTER place to live when the foundation for the country (Constitution and Amendments) were NOT Attacked on a DAILY Basis and not OK that IDIOTS can pick and choose what laws they obey and not obey. Criminals that kill are set free and kill again. Law abiding citizens are punished for the crimes of others that use guns to kill by making "assault rifles" illegal when the same group of people do not even know the definition of "Assault Rifle" and I have not seen one used in a crime Their logic is- "It is an assault rifle because it is black. THAT is DISCRIMINATION!!!