FinalRac Wrote:
Jan 08, 2013 9:27 PM
One can agree with Hugh on 'regular' order by the House Pubs and .....not one of the Moron Voters will notice or care. Not one. The MSM will cover it up. The Pubs will try to EDUCATE as Sen. Johnson averred today. And....Obama will still win out. No matter the horrors, the debt, regs, taxes, military misadventures. we are now in the slippage days of ....3rd world status. Even poor optimistic Hugh, who has been wrong with all good vibes and meanings, will not be able to overcome this obvious evil to common sense people. But then, common sense is also slipping away as our educators keep brainwashing our yutes and for the first time in my 74 yrs, I truly am pessimistic about the future of America. I see not one on the horizon to lead . None.