Penny49 Wrote:
Jan 08, 2013 3:58 PM
Syria's story (according to a Syrian attorney living there) is not exactly as you say. It started when 2 children wrote "freedom" on the side of a bldg + were tortured + killed for doing so. Those 2 murders escalated into 60,000 deaths. Assad has had support from Russia + Iran. The only ones who came to the defense of the ppl are Turkey + Saudi Arabia (late into the war). The Jihadists saw an opportunity and capitalized on it. Assad is narcissistic + allows no one to oppose him. No sacrifice (from others) is to much to ask as long as he gets what he wants. Sound familiar? Don't think the current US government CAN'T turn on her citizens in the same way. Policemen + military personnel have already been ask if they will fire on US citizens