Jeff2422 Wrote:
Jan 08, 2013 12:41 PM
Well, our wonderful, and excessively liberal, EPA has provided another example of big government's lack of common sense. The EPA has sanctioned the sale of E15, an ethanol fuel. It is for sale in several states. Never mind that AAA and most auto makers are warning that it will damage your engine if you have a car made before 2012. In fact, auto makers consider use of E15 as a deal breaker and will not honor guarantees for buyers that use E15. I guess the EPA's approach to emmissions control is to konk-out every vehicle made before 2012 and void all guarantees so no one can afford to fix their car. That will reduce emmissions, and wreck the economy at the same time. There out to be a sign on the EPA, WARNING: LIBERALS AT WORK