mary433 Wrote:
Jan 07, 2013 12:18 PM
WHAT??? You're saying GM is a PRIVATE BUSINESS? NOT after Owebama gave it to the UNION, and told the bond holders to go to hades!!! GM stands for Government Motors, and I won't purchase one of their cars EVER again, and I LIVE in Michigan. I'll tell you Kozzzer, in the last election, the union had about 3 or 4 ballot measures to vote on for the UNION only, make home health care workers unionized, EVEN if it was a member of your own family!!! They ALL got a resounding NO!!! I don't think it should be mandatory to have a place of employment you are FORCED to join the union OR you DON'T get the job, that is ridiculous! Between their pay and their "goodies" the auto workers were hauling in tons of money, so much WHO can afford merchandise?