theabnranger Wrote:
Jan 06, 2013 8:58 PM
The economy is the GDP. It runs about $15 trillion. The federal budget is not the economy . . . yet. This is the trouble with so many of the Jacka$$ posers who float about in the cesspool of Neo-Communism, presuming to know something but making fools of themselves: They really know so little of what they bray. They are dumb about the very things they spout off, as they seek to assuage their REVENGE-filled emotionalism with lousy math, confused history, and Soviet economics. Note than liberal darling JFK spent about 50% of the federal budget on defense, using the "missile gap" as one of his campaign's slogans. The current defense spending is less than 20% of the federal budget, and about 5% of the feeral budget.