Glock29 Wrote:
Jan 06, 2013 7:51 AM
Handle says it all my friend. Glock 29 is a compact 10mm that will accept a 10 round magazine for conceal carry while allowing your extra magazines you carry to be the 15 rounders. You can also convert this handgun to a 45 ACP with a simple $150 barrel change and the Glock 45 ACP magazines fit the same gun. My wife can handle the recoil fine. Load it with Buffalo Bore ammo and one shot center mass will end the attack. Never liked Glock's until I bought one that was on sale years ago and discovered you can convert many of them to a different caliber with barrel change and new magazines....very reliable! A Glock 19 9 mm would be a better choice for the hero mom with 15 rounds very little recoil less than her 38.