Ken the Playful Walrus Wrote:
Jan 03, 2013 1:37 PM
We now have a culture that celebrates weddings and giving birth (women), not marriage and parenting. We have turned marriage and fatherhood into a liabilities for men. We would NOT be having as strong of a push to neuter state marriage licenses if we didn't have no-fault divorce, if we still had laws against adultery, or an expectation of unmarried chastity, or at least keeping unchastity quiet. If two men can 'marry", marriage CAN'T be about children, but rather feelings and thus no man should feel an obligtion to marry (= sign over half of his income to a woman, regardless of what she may do) the woman he impregnates. Hey, she had the choice for abort, right? This is the world women wanted, and men were all to eager to help create.