D.A.6 Wrote:
Jan 03, 2013 12:16 PM
The end has justified the means - enjoy the time left because it is over. This is the last time voter fraud needed to be used. The illegals will be given citizenship/voting rights and this will preclude any need for future voting fraud. The new citizens will raise the 47% to be the 51% The RINO Rebublicans are incapable of being honest to themselves or their party and Democtrats can spot RINO'S a mile away. It is over for conservatism after it was Hi-Jacked and Liberalized by the Bush's. Obama's grip over Washington now holds Congress in fear. Even John Boehner is afraid of true Conservatives who might anger the President and so has ben removing such patriots from any appointmetns in Washington. It's over and we are in free fall.