gwhiteboy Wrote:
Jan 03, 2013 1:42 AM
Debate all you want,but seriously.Last year I spent 3 hours in the E.R.Great staff,very concerned people,but............$12 for a aspirin?$45 for a single oxyc???pill,$26 for a paper robe.A single Cat-Scan $4000(they always explain it costs a million $$$)So does a 980 CAT Front End Loader vs. 5-10 people a day,thats 20-40,000$ a day!All Im saying is its not working working correctly.The Insured are being grossly overcharged,the insured dont care.The uninsured are either forced to bankrutpcy or not paying and are incensed at the rip-off $$ charged.The private insureers seem to be happy and profiting in the currAnd any person on ANY federal program S.S.I.,disablity,medicare(caid) is solely concerned their still gonna get of course