douglas228 Wrote:
Jan 02, 2013 9:55 PM
and lastly EVERY SINGLE person in both houses who voted for this bill NEED TO BE GONE FROM CONGRESS AND SENATE as soon as possible. STARTING WITH REID , who is the real dictator, who sits on bills refusing to even allow debate, and who refuses to follow the LAWS he SWORE to defend, hes a liar and I believe a communist as well. but surely hes the real dictator who needs to be impeached and JAILED, He and Obama both have not only refused to defend our laws and constitution but in fact are BReaking THOSE VERY LAWS AND TRYING TO CIRCUMVENT THE CONSTITUTION AND TRYING TO DESTROY aMERICA, i SAY THEY ARE TRAITORS AND SHOULD BE ARRESTED AND SENT TO PRISON TO AWAIT EXECUTION FOR TREASON AGAINST AMERICAS.. Thats what I truely believe.