Troglodite Wrote:
Jan 02, 2013 8:20 PM
Yes, I think that Mr. Bohner needs to go. He made an irretrievable blunder when he started treating the Tea Party wing of the GOP as an obstacle to be overcome, rather than as an asset to be used. If he had done the latter, his negotiating position vis-a-vis Obama would have much stronger: "Remember, Mr. President, that I cannot give you anything that my Tea Party contingent will not accept." I, for one, am glad that most of the "Bush tax cuts" got salvaged and that this issue is now out of the way. The spending issue can be tackled as and when we hit the debt ceiling again. I would be happier by far, though, if the House GOP leader at that point were a better poker player than Mr. Bohner has shown himself to be.