Becca in TX Wrote:
Jan 02, 2013 3:56 PM
I'm sick of seeing people from NY and NJ on television whining about not getting any help. Don't any of these people carry homeowner's insurance? All of this whining and carrying on after a CAT 1 hurricane??? What a bunch of wimps. When Ike came through, it took the roof off of my barn. Termperatures were in the 90's and we had no power for 19 days. We hooked up the generator, filed a claim with the insurance and toughed it out. You didn't see people from Texas on television whining about FEMA and crying because nobody was helping them. We handled it and when the insurance company got around to us and a roofer was free, we got the repairs done. In the meantime, we got up there and nailed tarps down. What a bunch of dependent babies.