john653 Wrote:
Jan 02, 2013 10:17 AM
I can go along wit most, except '--Go automatic'. 1. too many people have knowledge of your bank account 2. sometimes hard to stop 3. sometimes they take out too much, then guess what? they want to send u a check for the amount they screwed up. 4. lost control from 3rd party deductions from your account. Sure they can correct it eventually, but why go through the hassle? 5. use a credit card in place of your account, if u have such a problem with writing a check. Just make sure you pay off the CC every month when the bill comes due. I pay mine, and that gives me a detailed total of all I spent, without giving out my account or ATM number. Then I pay the CC with a check. In either case, I want to see the bill before it is paid,