lgardner Wrote:
Jan 01, 2013 11:42 PM
As John H. said...we have free will. So, as a society, the choices we make, do in fact affect one another.One example of Sandy Hook: Somehow, the shooter fell through the cracks.I think he may have felt threatened, about being committed. When his Mom went to New Hampshire, for a few days, he got his plan together, and started with her - when she came back. This "Death Planet Earth" is all about trying to get everything right. Of coarse there are also Devilish Souls, who are trying to do the opposite. NOBODY deserved this. It's just what happens when some, or all humans, make wrong decisions. One thing can lead to another - and have a Domino effect. Some people find it easier to blame God. Good things can have a good Domino effect.