Edward463 Wrote:
Jan 01, 2013 11:31 AM
Bill110 and Nullify Now: You apparently haven't read my whole post, because a word limit required that I post in three parts. You're forgiven for that, and I'm not God, either. You can call it "grace," or "salvation," or being royally dubbed with an invisible broadsword, it's still "faith" in the unprovable and metaphysically impossible. Nullify, the Old Testament has as much credibility as the Koran, it was a work knocked together over centuries by tongue-in-cheek monks in the Dark Ages trembling in fear of the barbarians and looters rampaging over Europe and the Mideast. Faith? One also has "faith" in the existence of the tooth fairy, jins, and poltergeists, until one accepts that they're metaphysically impossible.