Kilroys Wrote:
Jan 01, 2013 11:24 AM
I'm fine with taxes going up. I'm not fine with no spending cuts and strill running $4.4 billion a day in deficit spending...more than twice the deficit spending rate than Big Spender Bush spent. Voting "NO" on this bill gives Reps something to bargain taxes without real spending cuts. Voting "YES" will get Reps NOTHING but being further vilified, demagogued and beaten up tomorrow by hypocrites on the left. Write your Congressman now to tell them to vote "NO" and to finally tackle the spending problem by demanding a bill that raises taxes AND cuts spending in what Obama lied about when he said we'd have a "balanced" approach. Find your Congressperson here: ___‹~›__‹(•¿•)›__‹~›___