Freedom Wizard Wrote:
Jan 01, 2013 10:06 AM
...stage where the ‘National’ body politic has enough wisdom to judge right from wrong. ‘The states and the people’ only…as our Constitution tried to tell us…must now do the job…or it will not get done!*** Actually, just achieving (3) would solve the problems created by (1) & (2). But, we will not get to (3), unless, or until… A) We fall so far from 'Grace/Prosperity' we actually become a third world nation, or B) We turn things around and actually achieve 2 & 3! Then and only then will our electorate once again have enough wisdom to know what is true and what isn't...what is right and what isn’t. And this will then allow us to return to the ‘Constitution’, and begin to rebuild the foundation of our once great nation.