Seawolf Wrote:
Jan 01, 2013 10:05 AM
The scary thing is there is no-one to complain to or anyone with the balls to stand up, declare this clown to be the communist we all KNOW him to be and stop funding his marxism. He got away with cutting a dollar for every 41 dollars in new taxes...that is INSANE, what is wrong with these people? He is gutting the military, going after guns, taxing us into oblivion and nobody on the hill says a word. They are afraid of the riots that will occur if they try to stop him is the only thing that makes any sense at this point, we are being tyrannized by an evil man who never should have been allowed near the WH no less re-elected. "fundamentally changing this nation"? NO, destroying it right before our very eyes..he needs to be impeached.